Safin Group mining strategy focuses on sustainable development of its mining projects, searching for new business opportunities.

The top-ranked team of geologists, mining engineers and economists are doing extensive work on searching, investigation and analysis of prospective deposits. Deposits research scope covers a range of mineral products such as iron ore, coal, molybdenum, potassium salt, rare-earth metals, etc.

In 2008, Safin Group started its pilot mining project on exploitation of Lomonosovskoye iron ore deposit, a middle-sized deposit located in the North-Western of Kazakhstan.

The deposit is located in the region with developed infrastructure. The stategic location provides fast access to big customers in Kazakhstan and China with low transportation costs.

Lomonosovskoye project is considered to be a present-day iron ore production, that meets stringest international standards.

The deposit with more than 600 million tons of iron ore resources will give 4.5 million tons of high quality iron ore concentrate annually.

Safin Group involved competent international mining consultants and mining engineers, geologists, economists and other specialists who provide sustainable development focused on reduction of environmental impact, decrease of operating cost, efficient risk management, search of new business opportunities.

Our strategy goals are to provide the customers with high quality iron ore products, create new jobs in Kazakhstan, deliver steady dividends to the shareholders.


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